Friend to Friend

What is Friend to Friend?

The Friend to Friend program is to increase screenings for breast and cervical cancer for women aged 40 and older. The message of Friend to Friend is very simple: Get screened regularly for breast and cervical cancer.

It is called Friend to Friend because women who are related or who are friends are encouraged to come together to support and encourage each other to get screened.

The presenter, who begins the party, is usually a health professional like a doctor or nurse practitioner. Research has shown that women are more likely to get screened when a doctor tells them it is really important to do so.

Cancer survivors, who tell their story about surviving because cancer was found by a mammogram or Pap test, can be very effective, too.

An important target audience for Friend to Friend is under-insured and uninsured women, although all women may participate.


Who do I contact?
Jessie Bell

Pamela Lincoln


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Personal Stories

Friend to Friend Cancer Early Detection


Personal Story:  While there are numerous reasons why women do not obtain routine mammograms, one of the most powerful reasons is fear. Ms. B called the East Texas Patient Navigator (PN) in October of 2013 to request assistance in scheduling a mammogram at the local hospital. After completing her intake, Ms. B kept procrastinating and never actually scheduled her mammogram. Having noticed this, the PN frequently checked in with Ms. B to make sure she would eventually make an appointment. It had been over ten years since Ms. B’s last mammogram and she had previously been diagnosed with fibrocystic breasts. However, what scared her more than that was the fact that both her mother and grandmother had breast cancer.

The PN called her in January of 2014 and Ms. B said she still had not scheduled her mammogram because of fear. The PN told her that she would call to schedule the mammogram and call Ms. B with appointment details. The PN scheduled an appointment for that same month and called Ms. B to let her know the details and that she would call her the morning of the appointment. On the morning of the appointment, the PN called to find that Ms. B was getting ready early that morning for her afternoon appointment. One week later, Ms. B called the PN to tell her that the screening was normal. She told her that her results were read by “the best” radiologist and she felt comfortable with the reading. She said it was nothing like she thought it would be. She was so appreciative that the PN was so persistent and made sure that she got a mammogram, despite being scared.

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