Pasture Management & Forage Variety Development

The forage management project

The forage management project is focused on developing productive and environmentally sound management practices that enhance profitability of pasture systems throughout the southeastern US. The project includes germplasm evaluations in cooperation with public and private plant breeders to determine adaptability to the Coastal Plain sandy soils; establishment of warm-season perennial grasses and overseeding of cool-season annuals; the influence of temperature, moisture, and light on plant development; fertilization; and weed control. A major part of the project is forage legumes, especially cool-season annual clovers, as a source of nitrogen and spring forage production. Research has been conducted with broiler litter as a low cost plant nutrient source for pastures without affecting water quality due to high phosphorus rates. Another focus of the project has been developing pasture systems for farming non-native deer.

The Pasture Management and Forage Variety Development Program is led by Dr. Gerald Evers (click for Bio).

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