Faculty & Staff


Title / Area of Specialization


Dr. Charles Long Resident Director of Research;
Professor, Animal Breeding & Genetics
Shelia Harris District Extension Administrator
Larry Pierce Regional Program Leader, East Region-Agriculture and
Natural Resources/4-H and Youth Development
Sandra Welch Senior Administrative Coordinator I (Research)
Judy Cole District Office Manager (Extension)

Research Leaders

Dr. George Perry Associate Professor, Reproductive Physiology
Dr. Monte Rouquette Professor, Forage Physiology
Dr. Gerald (Ray) Smith Professor, Legume Breeding
Dr. Anil Somenahally Assistant Professor, Soil Science

Extension Specialists

Dr. Jason Banta Assistant Professor and Extension Beef Cattle Specialist
Colby Clary Senior IT Professional I
Dr. Rafia Khan Assistant Professor and Extension Entomology Specialist
Dr. Jheri-Lynn McSwain Program Specialist I – 4-H and Youth Development
Canen Melton Program Coordinator II – Family and Community Health
Dr. Vanessa Olson Professor and Extension Forage Specialist
Tami Putnam Regional Program Manager, East Region – Better Living for Texans
Adam Russell Communication Specialist II
Dr. Eric Taylor Silviculturist III and Extension Forestry Specialist


Dr. Greg Clary Professor Emeritus, Extension Economist-Management
Dr. Gerald Evers Professor Emeritus, Forage Management
Dr. Vince Haby Professor Emeritus, Soil Science
Dr. Billy Higginbotham Professor Emeritus, Wildlife & Fisheries Specialist
Dr. Lloyd Nelson Professor Emeritus, Small Grain Breeder
Dr. Brent Pemberton Professor Emeritus, Ornamental Horticulture and Plant Physiology
Dr. Ron Randel Professor Emeritus, Cattle Reproductive Physiology


Kim Raby Administrative Associate II
Michelle Sensing Administrative Associate III
Carolyn Walton Administrative Associate II
Rhonda Watson Administrative Associate II
Sarah Ardry Agricultural Research Technician I
Chloey Guy Research Assistant, Reproductive Physiology
Judson Harkless Agricultural Research Worker, Legume Breeding
Javid McLawrence Research Assistant, Soil Science
David Newburn Extension Demonstration Technician, Entomology
Kelli Norman Systems Administrator I
Dr. Prem Oli Assistant Research Scientist
Kyle Turner Research Associate, Forage Physiology

Farm Crew, Custodial, and Maintenance

Dustin Law Manager, Farm Research Service
Mary Goldman Senior Custodian
Jancy Jeffus Research Assistant
Baker Knight Research Assistant
Marcellus McLendon Agricultural Research Worker II
Reggie Portley Senior Custodian
Scott Snowden Agricultural Research Technician II
Jay Velvin Maintenance Technician II

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