Pasture Utilization & Forage Quality

Two cows in pasture

The Pasture Utilization and Forage Quality Program began at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center in Overton, Texas in 1967.  The program’s primary focus is evaluating new and existing forage cultivars and grazing systems for use in the eastern half of Texas and for implementation in the southeastern U.S.  Specifically, the program combines assessments of forage nutritive value, production and sustainability; environmentally-compatible nutrient cycling under a variety of stocking and fertility regimens; and life-time performance attributes of beef cattle using component-based research with cows and calves, stockers and feeders.

Program research highlights:


The Pasture Utilization and Forage Quality Program is led by Dr. Monte Rouquette, Jr. (click for Bio).

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