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Forage mixture


Photo credit: John Stehn – USFWS

Forage legumes are widely used as components of mixtures planted as supplemental browse for white-tailed deer. Warm-season forage legumes, such as Rio Verde lablab and Iron and Clay cowpea, are usually planted in late spring or early summer to provide a high protein source for deer in mid to late summer. These same summer legumes can be fall-planted in mixtures with clovers and small grains to provide supplemental forage from October through May. Cooperative research was conducted by Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service at Overton, TX to determine optimum seeding rates of these forages. The image above shows a mixture of 40 lbs cowpea, 10 lbs oats, and 40 lbs arrowleaf clover. It shows the mixture at 30 days post-planting.

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